Name: Captain Killian Redblade
Public description:
5'9" tall, with a wiry, but muscular build from years spent at sea, Killian's rakish smile and devilishly good looks need few frills.

He wears a black silk shirt, open at the chest; a red brocade vest, black sharkskin longcoat and breeches, with a cutlass, a whip and a dagger strapped to his waist.

A frequenter of taverns along the docks, Killian uses his charm to regale anyone who will listen with tales of the time his ship out-maneuvered pirate vessels, or the time he knocked out the front teeth of a drunken half-orc in a raging bar fight, or the time he retrieved a stolen ring for a noblewoman in a game of cards, and won a kiss from her...