Name: Frederick Zrnzrk
Public description:
Frederick is a Swashbuckling Human Bard. He's roughly six feet tall and thin with messy midlength brown hair, tanned skin, and wide eyes. He wears a combination of dark gray and deep purple garb with sturdy brown leather boots. His Buckler is purple and has a smiling face on it, and he carries a Rapier.

Frederick is almost perpetually bright, cheery, and pointlessly extravagant, and he sometimes appears a bit "unhinged." This extends into combat; where most are quite serious during life/death situations Frederick engages in casual conversation, sings, and adds additional flair to his motions. It's no stretch to say Frederick sees combat as a routine enjoyable activity not far removed from making merry. Only the gravest circumstances seem to draw his full attention.

Frederick likes spending time in Dwarven Fortresses, and some Dwarves know him or of him fondly as "Fred Sounders the Fourth." He's unable to explain why the name, but suspects that alcohol played a part in it.