Name: Brandy Doogan
Public description:
Character Name: Brandy Doogan

Race: Human
Abilities of note: Pact of Magic, Summoning, Spell casting

She is a small woman about 5'3" weighing about 115 lbs.
She has a pale complexion and violet hair, and often wears a hooded cloak over light body armor. At first glance an attractive looking girl but on closer inspection there is something not quite...right with the way she looks and tends to give people the Heebie Jeebies. Another effect of her travels with her patron, she's used to the effect but it still bothers her sometimes.
Her main Transportation is a mustang horse named Dr. Hooves.
She is also seen often with a laser rifle and and antique looking mace that she has been seen both talking and arguing with on occasion, If asked she readily states she calls the mace Manny.