Name: Sasha Carpem
Public description:
Sasha has lived a pretty fulfilling if safe life. She makes a good living as a scribe and a translator though it means that she often has to travel a lot for work. While not a warrior she can defend herself a little and having to travel so much she considered herself tougher than most scholars.

She grew up in a farming village in a lush valley and married a childhood friend. Her husband now runs the shop in town and keeps an eye on their twin daughters and son though all 3 of their children are nearly adults now too. Her and her husband are good partners but there is no affection and certainly no lust between them.

Every time she comes home she takes a shortcut through the forest. She always spots the ruins of some old building on a small hill through the trees but she has never gone near there. She's not sure what it is and her curiosity is never enough to make her stop in her hurry to get home even though she's wondered about it often.