Name: Aeleniti Whiteshield
Public description:

Aeleniti is tall, with blond hair and striking pale eyes. A sun elf by race, he is a good example of his kinfolk. He dresses in a chain shirt. Leather breeches that reach his ankle. High boots that lace at the sides that look a tad bit worn,and show the signs of being a favorite pair of boots. His colored are light blues, dark greys and green shades, that go pleasing with his over all golden looks.

Aeleniti fights with a broadsword and buckler though. While he carries himself with grace. There is also something fairly strong about the elf, he doesn't seem as dainty as many elves appear. His cloak is often tossed back so the wind can run through the hair that reaches his shoulders. In a jiff he can switch to the longbow that is lovingly cared for.

Aeleniti is a friendly sort, he is known to carouse in taverns and Inns. He is often one to spring for drinks and food. If he has the coin for it.