Name: Vadania "Dani" Aloro
Public description:
 photo d168dd24-1eec-4a60-90a2-38785e05feae_zps905ed6d3.jpgVadania (Dani to her friends) is a pale-skinned, pale-haired elven woman with intensely blue eyes and a stern countenance. She is short and slight, but elegant and economic of movement.

She dresses well, but plainly, unconcerned with jewels and frippery that serves no purpose.

When casting spells, Dani's eyes glow and crackle with electricity, a wind that seems to touch nothing else swirls around her, buffeting her hair and clothing, and she rises six inches from the ground.

She wields a longbow and a shortsword upon which a small, rune-etched ruby is affixed, allowing Dani to focus her spells through the weapon.