Name: Jerod Sonovan
Public description:
Average height with a lean, deceptively strong build. Short cropped, mussed darkish brown hair and mild winter gray eyes. Looks a little rough around the edges, with a stubbled face.
Garbed in a forest green and browns explorers outfit, complete with a gray wool scarf and a mended broad brimmed hat with fingerless gloves, one of which, up to the elbow is thick like a falconers glove.
A sheathed saber and shortsword on each hip in plain scabbards, and a composite longbow made from some sort of bone slung over a shoulder. A quiver of arrows rests beside a worn looking backpack over his mid-calf high cloak. Everything he is wearing looks mended in some fashion. His boots look the most worn, scuffed from many miles of road and other places.
Lastly he walks with a worn oak staff, the length of it scarred heavily battle and other signs of wear. Sometimes it disappears to somewhere...