Name: Draven Fellderstaff
Public description:
Draven the Wood Elf Level 1 Ranger.
Age: 32
130 lbs
Auburn Hair, shoulder length, long braids on each side, lining his face.
Golden Tan skin color

Huntsman's Apprentice

When Draven was but a youngling, his Father, Kilithan, was killed while tracking a band of Orcs, who had been ravaging the hunting lands of the surviving trade group.
His mother, a tracker by trade, raised him in the ways of the bow and the hunt. A solitary young Wood Elf, he prefers the company of the forest over that of others in his group. However, he is fiercely loyal to those he grants within his inner circle and is quick to temper if they are threatened in any way. He carries functional weapons that can be used both in defense and in the nature of his travels, preferring an ornately carved quarterstaff, Hand Axe, and a trusted bow.