Name: Savvin Talon
Public description:
Savvin is a tall regal woman with dark skin and dark hair, her eyes are grey though standing out in her face. Clad in platemail she proudly displays the holy symbol of Torm, on her armor.
While she has not sworn her oath yet, she has already began on the road to protecting others, it is mirrored in her fighting style, which is Protection. Savvin, hails from the East, but she has been away much of her life. Since she was converted by a traveling priest of the god Helm, into his service.

She served as a Paladin's Squire, Ser EYuel Winterborne, she has since taken on the mantle as well. Making him proud. She looks to right wrong, and protect the innocent, the weak and the down trodden.

There is no arrogance in the dark skinned woman, she stands tall proud and ready to defend.