Name: Syd' Ny
Public description:
Well met,

A drow, obvious by her skin color, sits on the ground near the campfire. A massive canine lies next to her, eyes closed but ears very alert. She is small even by elven design, standing only 5'0" and couldn't weigh 100 lbs soaking wet. She smiles as a butterfly flutters past, taking an unusual enjoyment of the small things in life that may seem petty to others.

Her eyes blank as she stares into the past, "My name is Syd' Ny. I come from the Elventree area, to the east of Hillsfar. My father was a ranger and my mother was a teacher of the magical arts. We used to raise Cooshees like Shilo here (Cooshees are large elven dogs about 4' at the shoulder). They were killed over 15 years ago by some Ghasts in their sleep."

The gleam comes back to her eyes as she comes back to present time, a smile on her lips as she finishes her introduction. "Now, we hunt them, eh girl." (as she gives the massive dog a rub on the head)