Name: Phanta
Public description:
The living enbodiment of the Phantom airship designed by Artimus Cole, and rebuilt by Aidan. The true AI, Phanta was constructed using scans from Hannah Amare and given form when Aidan placed her in the airship.

Phanta is fiercely loyal to Aidan by choice, and has complete control of her body. The sizable damage done by Aidan 3 years ago allowed the Phantom to be rebuilt and improved.

The ray shield defense system is hundreds of years ahead of any other defense system toady, and the arsenal of Rhiasis Connonade allow complete stealth while boasting devestating firepower.

The other amenities include a up-to-date galley, four staterooms, bunk area that will hold 50 crewmembers, armory with workshop, cargo space of a medium airship and the captain's quarters with a library.