Threads bug, 20103
By Piestar [Mon 1 Feb 2021 @ 4:45 PM (PBW Time)]

A few of the threads in the game I just joined always show the new item '!' even when there isn't anything new. Is there a fix for this?

A little more, 20104
By cartman2k [Tue 2 Feb 2021 @ 1:45 PM (PBW Time)]

Can you provide more specifics to the bug you are noticing? Which board and which threads specifically appear to be causing the issue? This will help us narrow down a potential cause or see if it is something of a different behavior.


Okay, 20105
By Piestar [Tue 2 Feb 2021 @ 3:07 PM (PBW Time)]

Not sure it isn't just functions as designed though.
I am starting in a game called Answering the Call in the AD&D section.

The threads have changed since yesterday, maybe it takes awhile for them to clear.

As of right now I have read the Out Of Character, Character Creation and Dice Rolling threads, and they all still show the !. Also I have read every thread available to me and the game is showing the ! on the home screen, there is nothing new in the game.

Curious..., 20107
By Piestar [Thu 4 Feb 2021 @ 6:46 PM (PBW Time)]

... I notice two kinds of notification, the exclamation point and the shift in shade of the color of the thread name. Do they have different purposes?

Yes, 20108
By cartman2k [Fri 5 Feb 2021 @ 2:00 PM (PBW Time)]

Sorry for the delayed response.

The ! indicates a new post that has happened within the past 24 hours. If there has not been a new post in the past 24 hours, then the ! will disappear. That's how the code is setup to give this symbol to denote a new post. Most browsers retain the board page in cache to load faster, so this is sometimes still present until the page is manually refreshed.

I'm not seeing any errors occurring with this to show that it is not behaving incorrectly per the 24hr design. So my guess is that if it has been greater than 24hr, it is a cache issue within the browser itself.

The color of the thread title will shift based on whether or not you've clicked on it. This is a feature of HTML URLs that will act as you click on them. Traditionally, without any coding input, the browser defaults hyperlinks to a blue font and then purple once clicked. With the board you are apart of, they are colored with two different shades of green to match the nature theme of the background.

For the latter case, if there is a new post and you refresh, the font color will go back to it "unvisited" color because the URL for the link will be updated as part of the new post. For example, a URL ending with "post=1612561856" will change after a new post to "post=1612562236" or some other number to reflect the post variable.

I hope that helps clarify.