Council, 19922
By VoldBlack [Wed 9 May 2018 @ 11:35 AM (PBW Time)]

So I've noticed a trend, and I think alot of you have as well. A slowing decay in the number of users of this site. I have an idea perhaps to help it.

I for one love PBW. It became a home for my gaming after leaving the bigger site due to circumstances beyond my control. However, I fell in love with it quickly. ovet the years there may have been some incidents with others but now I want to put that in the past.

I would like to create a forum or Council of you will of those who want to say bye to that past and welcome all to help keep our site alive. None, will be rejected to it and all apinions matter. As they often say wisdom comes with age and now that I'm getting closer to half a century I've made a lot changeds.

Bt one change I don't want, is to see PBW as a memory. I want to see it bibrant for when my grandkids are old enough to enjoy rping like I do. WHen my youngest grows sto the min he will become I want him to be able to choose if he wants to be a part of this community.

For that dream to happen though, PBW must stay . After checking in on that other ssite I saw they want to be incuded in the top rp sits. list. Don't we...want that as well.

So, who's willing to try and make amends, and work as a Council and fcommunity of gamers to save PBW.

As always
Lady Voldia