The Incident, 19900
By VoldBlack [Thu 22 Mar 2018 @ 8:47 AM (PBW Time)]

Some out there may not even know what this means, and for those well sorry. But for those in the know I refer to the incident that led to several people being banned on the site. Now I know for a lot of you you know the incident as several rallied around one of those banned to get them back. And for it I applaud you. Same time of course I'm being referred to as one of the Dirty Californians. By people who have only ever ever heard one side of the story and never bothered to learn the other. Despite tearing the other side apart.

That whole incident began not in the game it started in but by me. All for doing my duties as an Admin and denying entrance into a game a player whose Request to Join infor for an Adult game had a piece that any Admin who admitted the player shouldn't be allowed to be an Admin.

Now fast forward to the Incident. It came as a cumulation of several months of one player on the site being bullied by another. While several stood by and did nothing. Afterall the person bullying was a friend and the other just a brillant writer but labeled as one of the "Dirty Californians" so who cares.

That player just wanted it all to end so they went to the mods about it. Cause of it, several were banned. Now here's the overall fact no one seems to know. That player that you all rallied to get back, the first who wanted to do so was the one you all blame for it all. Yet there was a reason she held back. It was cause of what she was told by the mods what led to the ban. Cause she had no idea who had done it, why stick her neck out for that player. Though she wanted to. Sadly that player is no longer here. She left cause she finally got tired of it.

And for that I'm sure several say that's one. Now what of the rest? Go ahead, you're entitled. Sad though, all she ever did was stand up to a BULLY. How dare she? That's the message you send.

Now I stand on the verge of giving it up as well. Despite how much I love gaming, it's hard to do when not given a chance. Yet, of all thos ewho talk about me behind my back, I can count on one hand how many who have honestly ever made an effort to get to know me.

I've often sent out pms to gms I see running games using a system I've thought of purchasing. Never hear back, but why I write, cause curious before I purchase it, is it an worthy investment from those actually using it.

Now, I don't(Though a lot of times want to) try joining games by anyone other that the group I do game with. Why, cause I know how most feel. Know, that by my joining others, will leave. I do it, cause I don't want the game to suffer on account of me. For it, I'm labeled a dirty Californian.

All I ask, is isn't the site big enough for us all. And to think before continuing to spread the hate of the "Dirty Californians." Squash the hate, and as my grandson would say, Drop the mic. Give peace a chance, the world is much better for it.

Fire, 19905
By VoldBlack [Fri 23 Mar 2018 @ 6:10 PM (PBW Time)]

When I wrote this I thought it was over for me here.

Now though the fire and passion for gaming is back.

As for the haters. Well I noo longer stand afraid. I will fight back.

When I wrote this I had hope perhaps there'd be a change. But I doubt it. Afterall it's been a few years since it happened yet the hate remains. But I don't hate. I don't even wish anyone to leave. I just wish it would stop.

Well..., 19921
By VoldBlack [Wed 25 Apr 2018 @ 4:41 PM (PBW Time)]

I'm past mad.

At moment, I'm suffering from a tragic loss in my family(stop cheering) this isn't anyone you would know.

Now, why fired up. Just tired of it all and wish it would stop. But I know there will always be a We Hate Voldia club and quite frankly I no longer care.

Please see that other site, and some there will join.

Now the UserName says VoldBlack. But truth's and always will be LadyVoldia or as friends know me LadyV. I'm done hiding.

I want to squash the hate. Except for a certain nameless idiot in office of my country. I'm here to game. I'm here to write. I'm here to keep PBW going.

The last part take most note in. Whether you like me or hate me you know when I fight for something I'm like a Wolverine on massive quantities of sugar and caffeine. That will never die in me.