Games not being deleted, 19879
By Dutchman77 [Tue 28 Nov 2017 @ 5:46 AM (PBW Time)]

Don't know if this is a development issue or not, but it seems like inactive games that normally would have been dropped from the system are still hanging tough even though all the threads should have been delete by now.

Is this a new policy or a new site software bug?

I see it also, 19880
By Skunk11 [Tue 28 Nov 2017 @ 11:39 AM (PBW Time)]

I was also wondering about those games also. There are now more inactive, totally full up with, reap tonight games than there are active games. I think somebody reaped the reaper. But for real, what is up with that?

It's, 19881
By VoldBlack [Thu 7 Dec 2017 @ 7:49 PM (PBW Time)]

been going on for awhile now. Think started duringg the last time the sitewas down with bots.

The upside is just in case for whattever reason a threadis inactive and yyou may be busy with rl so can't do a reaper alert.

Downside-areinactive games do stay around. I note a few I forgot to delete when I went through my last username change(and cancelled old account)

Another I happen to know has been iinactive for over a year yet still remains.(though could bea wishful player).

Most part I still try to do the reap alert wards in case forget to set. Though for old ooc thrreads now need to go through and delete those.

Still guess it could lead us to do our own reaps that way a thread is in no danger of being reaped you want to save.

I forr one use a profiles thread so players can post priivate bios for their characters. But after a bit that thread would be inactive. Be nice if could have a permanent reaper ward with itto prevent accidental deletion.

..., 19887
By cartman2k [Wed 24 Jan 2018 @ 3:56 PM (PBW Time)]

There is an unknown issue with the reaper that has been going on for several months now. Both inactive threads and boards are not being reaped at the end of the inactive period.

The beta site, the reaper was disabled for testing.

At this time, the reaper being on vacation doesn't have any direct effect on PBW's performance because website traffic is low. The biggest drawbacks is that any cleanup needs to be manually done. Inactive games must be deleted by the board admin and likewise, the first post in a thread can be deleted to clear a thread off the board.

The Wheel , 19888
By RPGuru [Wed 24 Jan 2018 @ 7:10 PM (PBW Time)]

I just want to check to make sure there is someone at the wheel.

Is there?

I just remember a lot more admins swinging back and forth. Now it just seems like a radio signal with no one at the station.