What do I do for more posts?, 19868
By RPGuru [Wed 27 Sep 2017 @ 7:10 PM (PBW Time)]

I have a thread that has reached its dreaded 100 post limit, what in ye gods do I do?

I believe..., 19869
By DeeYin [Thu 28 Sep 2017 @ 1:49 AM (PBW Time)]

There are two options you may take, assuming you are the DM.

1. Go into the full thread, and delete some of the unnecessary posts to make room for more posts. This opens up however many posting slots you deleted, but it can be time consuming. But be careful not to delete the very first post, since I ~think~ that will delete the entire thread.

If you are just trying to keep a thread from being reaped and it is full, that is also what you should do to keep the thread. Just copy what the last person wrote, delete their post, then create a new post, pasting what they had originally posted so nothing is lost. As a DM, you can also post it in their name, so it is transparent to anyone who looks at the thread.

2. Simply create a new thread and have people post in that one. ^_^