PlayByWeb Staff Needs You!


The PlayByWeb staff is looking for new members! We need creative people, practical people, knowledgeable people, newbies, and anyone else.

The site needs ongoing work and love. As we look to the future of PlayByWeb, we'd like to start thinking of changes (or what not to change), additions (or maybe what to remove). We need anyone who can help.

Specifically, we can think of a few types of skills that might be useful:

  1. Technical skills - This might be programming or database skills, technical design, or maybe documentation skills. Which languages will be used in the future? Let's figure that out together.
  2. Community management - Getting the word out is much of the battle.
  3. Graphical/Visual skills - More than a coat of paint, this is what people see and interact with.
  4. Partnerships/Sales/Growth - This is a broad group that means this: We want you to help us grow, and we need ideas!

If you are interested in helping out hearing more, email us at


- KertDawg