Time of the Heroes
It's come again. Once every ten thousand years a great event arrives and metas from all over have come to the city of Alpha to celebrate. But this time, something will happen. Something that will change the face of the city for years to come.

A group of super matas arrive and begin wrecking havoc. The militia forces are powerless against them, so it's up to those with special abilities; in other words, metas, to defeat them.

Led by a man who goes by the name of Ray Tyme seeks to control every aspect of the city and its citizens. However, on the plus side, a young woman is against him. Her name is Olive Randol, a strong meta in her own way.

Olive will gather a group of metas to battle against Ray and protect the citizens but they don't understand. They thing all metas are evil and will want to take them over. And so, they fight and hurt any with meta powers. If they can get to them at the Bucheta's mansion which is highly protected.

This is a Super Hero Rpg so have fun.