Talam's School
Welcome to Talam's School. This school has been around for many years due to an influx of young people afflicted with skills/powers/etc also called Talam. They come here to learn to control their Talam and are protected by the government.

One has no choice but to come to Talan's School because those with Talam are targeted by people who want to exploit them. The students will have no contact with family or the outside world because of what will happen to them.

You come to this school after having your Talam manifest and begin to learn and become protected by the faculty, but is there an ulterior motive? Who knows?

In this school there is a Heart's Ranking. This means the higher your Heart the more benefits you will recieve. Only the faculty can determine you Heart Ranking.

Come and enjoy a fun filled school year as you learn and develop your abilities.