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Returning Souls
Returning Souls

Cast: "Angel" - Abby True - Admin - Indra - Sean Balin - Tony Nomad

 Academy awakened
 School days
 Group Growth
 Digging Truth
 First Adventure
 Jengal keep
 Reunions !
 forming bonds
 Seperiate Paths
 Family gathering
 Finding roots
 Finishing Lessions
 Eternal Aeons
 The Unknown !
 Eye of the storm !
 Out of the eye
 Colecting Doodads
 Come the Spring
 Building leads
 Strenght of the clans
 Lost Pieces
 Inside insider
 SS: Damsels in Shining Armor
 Unmoving foundations
 Problem Solving
 apart but working together
 Home coming !
 New Growth
 Strenght of Purpose
 Memory retreval
 Shadows of the Past
 On Guard
 Time of Peace
 Winter warmth
 Last Witch
 Spring thaw
 Good Byes
 growing up