Name: The Spyder
Public description:
Jason Stevens was 9 years old when he witnessed strangers enter his house and brutally beat his father to death, beat and raped his mother (later to be killed in the hospital infront of him), and his baby sister kidnapped and turned up days later dead in a park. It was during the thugs break in when his mom tried to hide him that his power of invisiblity became active.

From that moment in time Jason Stevens was dead to the world and the Spyder was born. He never looked back to try to find out what happened, Jason was dead and was helpless to do anything anyways. Hunting down the people that took everything that meant anything to him wouldn't bring back the dead.

The Spyder learned to survive on his own and in his mid teens started to put together an information network which began highly successful in all scopes of the economy. Politicians to Crimelords, government agencies to underworld syndicates were clients of Spyder and his vast network.