Name: Eddie Hangman
Public description:
Edgar Hangman
Aliases: Eddie, Tombstone,
Age: 60
Birthplace: Tombstone, AR
Work Experience: Horse Rustler, U.S. Army Sergeant, Security Guard, Postal Carrier (retired)
What is your reason for applying to Ghostbusters International?

I am not going to claim that I've seen it all, but I have seen a whole mess in my time. You might have heard tall tales about crazy and disgruntled postal workers, and I suppose I'm responsible for some of that. I was justified. There are a lot of strange critters prowling the desert at night, hellhounds and grays and chupacabras and all manner of spooks. I instituted the now industry-standard practice of carrying assault rifles and pyrotechnics in the mail trucks. If someone were to show me how to use the newfangled gadgetry that gets the job done these days, I would be willing to re-enlist as a private � or whatever the lowest rank is in your company.