Name: Reaver malicetzs
Public description:

Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 118lbs
Eyes: Amber
Body: toned

Its Just Business

Reaver is very softly spoken with a musical elven accent she looks almost permanently amused, as if she is aware of a secret that you don't know.She is beautiful stunning amber eyes soft full lips. Reaver has the air of unspoken confidence in her walk, the understated arrogance of old nobility clear in how she holds herself, her very presence is something that is able to unsettle most with a look.Dressed in a Sky blue corset and war styled skirt, her brown riding boots are clearly thigh high, the short sword on her left scimitar on her right hip. daggers adorn her thighs,twin hand X-bow rest in a holsters, the slight jingle of silver bells as she sashays through the room.